Bobbing For Apples


On October 31 2012, Mrs. Durnin’s and Mr. Westra’s class, had a bobbing for apples competition. On each team there had to be 5 girls and 5 boys so there were 10 people on a team. We did this in gym 228, because Mrs. Durnin and Mr. Westra thought it would be a fun activity for both classes and a great chance to do a project on data management.

In the conclusion I can make based on the data is that 8B won the apple bobbing contest against 8A I found this conclusion by looking at my data that read 8A only had 13 apples and 8B had 28 apples, and that it took less time most of the time for 8B to get their first apple I came to my conclusion by looking at my data that read 3 people from 8A got their first apple in less than 20 seconds but for 8B 4 people got their first apple in less than 20 seconds.


What’s Buzzing In The Idea Hive?

The Idea Hive is a website that lets us students introduce ourselves to the other students in Snow Lake, Manitoba. We live 2700 Kilometers away from each other. We are communicating by using Skype, we Skyped on September 10. What’s happening in Snow Lake?

Something I have in common with most people from Snow Lake, is that many of us do not play an instrument. For example, in Snow Lake Kelly, Tayla, Madisyn and Evan do not play an instrument. I  particularly would never play the violin. It seems hard to play especially holding it with your chin. Something I have in common with only a few people from Snow Lake is our favourite food, our favourite T.V. shows and our dream vacations. For example, Kassie and Christian I have few in common with. Something that is unique about me is that I don’t look up to anyone. I like to be my own person.


The person who is most like me from Snow Lake is Zach. He most like me because we share the most interest in most of the questions. Like pets, we both have a dog, our favourite sport to watch is hockey, and what insect/critter/gross living thing we hate the most is spiders,etc. A question I would have liked asked but wasn’t is “how many siblings do you have?”Or, “what’s your favourite song?”